Monday 18 May 2009

Dancing in the Park

By Richard Morley.

Well, we had a wonderful weekend. The sun shone every day for the Feria of San Isidro and we all had a wonderful time.

On Sunday I went to the Retiro Park to listen to the music, which was excellent and all new to me as the Zarzuela Operettas are something I have only just discovered. And I seriously doubt they could have squeezed any more musicians on to that bandstand, which curiously, is called a "Quiosco de Musica" (a kiosk) in Spanish.

The concert came to an end, but there were two encores and the appreciative and, up to then, more or less observant audience became animated. Although I wasn't planning to, I switched my little camera to "movie" mode and filmed the results. I make no comment except to apologize for the quality.

The first encore was Augustin Lara's song "Madrid", which naturally is a sort of local anthem. You will see and hear the result. Sorry, I missed the first few bars.

The second encore, as you will see, had them dancing in the aisles.

And so, until next year. What a great weekend!

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