Friday 20 February 2009

Not a Load of Bull

The image of Spain is inextricably linked with that of the bull.

But this post is not a load of bull, it is just the opposite. The streets of Madrid have been invaded with cows. What is the reason for this bovine Cownival, this festival of Vacchanalia? I hear you ask.

Calgary in Canada might have its stampede; Pamplona its mad dash of drunken madness. We in Madrid take things at a far more leisurely pace. After all, El Prado means The Meadow, so what better place for such a cownference.

The cowmunity of Madrid is hosting the Spanish showing of Cow Parade. Spread throughout the city centre are one hundred fibre-glass cows which have been decorated by different artists and designers.

You can download a map that should steer you in the right direction to every cow, although I wouldn’t steak my reputation on it.

Visit the city and feel free to MOOch around the streets. You will find a decorated cow to suit your MOOd. If you feel a little COWardly, don’t go alone, take a COWorker.

The whole herd is one display until the 21st of March. You can see the complete parade here:

The cows in my pictures can be found at the Plaza de Colon and around the barrio of Samlamanca.

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