Tuesday 13 January 2009

The Day The Snow Came

A visiting English Lady, telling me that she was thinking of relocating to Spain, asked me about the weather. "Does it ever get cold?" she asked, perhaps imagining that the country had a permanent summer. Well last Friday, following days of chilly weather which reached minus temperatures overnight, we had snow. The Photograph heading this post was taken just after midday - and the temperature had climbed to zero. Enjoy the other pictures from our Winter Wonderland.

Slippery road conditions had drivers moving at sensible speeds for once. I stood beside the road and watched as some clearly demonstrated they hadn't a clue about driving in such conditions. Many drove to work and returned by metro, leaving their cars to be collected later. The TV News was full of road chaos and programs telling drivers how to fit snow chains.

It must have been heart-breaking for the children. School had restarted just the day before. The only people outside experiencing the questionable joys of the snow were all grown up. The dogs seemed to enjoy it though!

PS. Except in a few shaded areas, it had all thawed by Sunday

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  1. Hey Richard - Well it seems I have missed the snow - we got a scattering in Palencia, Madrid looks so nice all white and fluffy.

    Hope you had a good new year ;)